Operations & Sales Executive
Specializing in Hyper-Growth and Scale

A strategic team player with an eye on the details. Specializes in the unique needs of high growth technology companies. Developed an operational framework that effectively translates strategic vision into operational scale and capacity at the top line and the bottom line. Data driven; focused on building high performance teams that thrive both personally and professionally. Departmental bridge builder to maximize organizational effectiveness.


Scott Beck, CEO

“Thanks Ray. You have made a big contribution. You’re a great leader.
And I’m hopeful that our business paths will cross again. ”



Create Sustainable Growth

Operational excellence is my mantra. I believe that companies are complex organisms that need careful nurturing to survive and thrive. The thoughtful balance of people, processes, and systems guides my work and measures my success.

Over the past 30 years, I've stood up, run, and improved operations for 8 companies (mostly tech). I can out-spreadsheet your CFO, speak geek with your CTO/CIO, and close deals like a boss.

I started as an electrical engineer/programmer, became a financial analyst, grew up doing sales, and found my calling in operations.


Top Sales Performer & Leader

I love closing deals and I love creating high performance sales teams even more.

As an individual contributor I've closed

multi-year quota-busting contracts at the executive level to billion-dollar logos like Whole Foods Market, United Way Worldwide, American Red Cross, and Centers for Disease Control to name a few.

As a sales leader, I've stood up and run sales teams of 20 people and operations for a team of 75. Ready to create a

high performing team?


Build Happy & Effective Teams

Talent is your most expensive and most important asset. I've built systems and processes that create a complete employee lifecycle from hire to retire. The outcomes are happier employees/lower attrition, scalable culture, reduced time to ramp, improved recruiting, and increased team effectiveness.

I'm a strong advocate for diversity in the workplace, authentic "work hard-play hard" work/life balance, and bringing emotional intelligence to the team.

In short, I love people and I love to help them thrive as a team and as individuals in the context of a solid company mission.



If you're one or more of these, I'm the right guy for you.


Are you a small to medium-sized tech startup experiencing the challenges of

hypergrowth and scale? 

Are you trying to create sustainable growth and feeling the pain of processes and systems falling short to support your

people and your customers?


Your organization is driven to make the world a better place than you found it...at scale.

You need to activate community partnerships to build community technology platforms that produce measurably

positive outcomes.


Every C-Level executive that I've worked for over the past 20 years is an active reference. I've also started and run a few business so I think like a founder but my passion is in executing operations and closing deals.
If you're ready for someone you can trust to execute your vision internally or externally, I'm here for you.


Choosing the Right COO for the Job

June 4, 2018

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