A programming computer geek as a child, I started as an electrical engineer at CU Boulder. I left college at 19 to start my first business and got my first real-world MBA. I went back to school and received my real MBA at the University of Denver. The company that paid for my MBA also hired me as a financial analyst where I learned finance and found a love of spreadsheets.

After that, I went on a tech company startup binge for years and grew up as a sales guy closing the big deals as a top performer in the early days of eCommerce. As I sold the deals, I realized that I needed to learn how to deliver the deals, manage the teams, and to help the company work better so I could keep the deals I was closing. I wasn't using the term "operations" at the time but that was what I was doing.

Fast forward and a few startups later, I found my humanitarian calling and joined a humanitarian software platform company where I got a taste for product management rebuilding and relaunching a 12-year old HIPAA-compliant, PCI-compliant, mission-critical platform that runs all of the disaster response for the American Red Cross, pandemic flu response for CDC, and community programs for United Ways across the U.S.  The platform is processing/tracking anywhere from $40+ million in cash assistance to $3 billion in donations a year.

After that, I met three more wonderful mentors, Scott Beck (CEO Extraordinaire), Dave Frechette (CRO that came from Zuora), and Stuart Fullinwider (veteran CFO) who taught me scale and gave flight to my passion for operations.


I start every morning at 4:00am,  meditate for 30-40 minutes and then I'm on my laptop causing trouble, reading and learning. Father of 4 kids from 7-26. Getting married in Italy this fall to an amazing lady and partner. I'm an outdoor nut, rock climber, single track mountain biker, build/fix anything, martial arts for 20 years, science geek (esp. space) and I love things that goes fast.


I've spent the past 10 years helping nonprofits and government do more good at scale. I've cofounded a nonprofit and been on a few boards. I've worked on virtually every human services topic including international aid, disaster response, homelessness, refugees, child welfare, and social service call centers (211).



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