What People Say About Me

“Thanks Ray. You have made a big contribution. You’re a great leader.
And I’m hopeful that our business paths will cross again. ”

Scott Beck, CEO

“Ray possesses all the skills of a great leader: he has vision, passion for growing people, courage, integrity, humility, and clear focus. He creates order out of chaos and builds individuals into highly effective teams. It was an amazing experience to work alongside him as he set up successful sales and customer-facing operations for Gloo. 

I have had the great fortune to benefit from Ray’s passion for growing people and it has transformed my career. He helped me to set clear goals, identify my strengths, and empowered me to step into growth opportunities. Hands down he is the best manager I have ever worked with. He cares deeply for those he works with and has the knowledge and experience to help drive them forward. I sincerely hope our paths cross again.”

Kelly Maurer, Project Manager

“Ray is an unusually effective solution designer, gifted in bridging the intersection between client and community, need and asset, and technology and people...The number two person at the CDC refers to Ray as a strategic asset.”

Doug Zimmerman, CEO VisionLink

“Ray is an excellent leader, bridging different teams and executives, driving clear goals and process, and bringing insight about the talents and needs of his subordinates. At Gloo, Ray quickly stood up a new sales and operations motion. He became a trusted hub for information and strategy.
I recommend Ray to make things happen and create cohesion for your team.”

Brian Salts-Halcomb, Training & Organizational Development

“Ray has a great combination of ambition, strategic thinking, discipline, and relationship management. He was consistently one of the top performers in our company. Whether it was a small project, or a multi-million dollar opportunity Ray approached them the same. He routinely challenges assumptions and
got everyone around him to perform at a higher level.”

Herb Morreale, CEO

“Ray is one of the best leaders I’ve ever worked with. His ability to lead a team out of ambiguity into consistent, repeatable performance is truly extraordinary. His ability to encourage and grow teammates based on their personality/style is outstanding. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Ray and am a better leader because of him. Highly recommend working with Ray.”

Eric King, Strategic Engagement Advisor

“Ray is a tenacious relationship builder that takes great pride in his work. I've always been impressed with how Ray dedicates himself to solving a problem or addressing an issue, not stopping until it's resolved.
Ray also has a huge heart, and it shows in everything he does.”

Trent Hein, CEO



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